Jeff Mitchell, author of the Getting Great Grades book, has worked as an entertainment accountant for several years. He failed accounting the first time he took the class. The strategies in this book led to him earning A’s in accounting and other courses. Jeff earned his BA in Communication Studies from UCLA and his Certificate in Accounting at UCLA Extension. He is currently working on his MBA degree with a concentration in Information Systems at California State University Fullerton where he used the strategies in this book to earn a 4.0 GPA in his first semester.

In addition to the book, Jeff and his wife, who is a counselor at a local high school, have two daughters currently going through the school process.  One daughter is a junior in high school and the other daughter is in the eighth grade. They both find the education process extremely interesting and are doing the best they can to keep everyone in the house from stressing out but still perform to the best of their ability.  They are doing OK, but like everyone else, they could use some helpful tips.  They are hoping this website will become a helpful place for others as well as a place they can learn some helpful tips as well.

So if anyone has any advice, feel free to comment on the posts.